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An Jung-Geun

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An Jung-geun, sometimes spelled Ahn Joong-keun (Korean pronunciation: [ɐndʑuŋɡɯn]; 2 September 1879 – 26 March 1910; baptismal name: Thomas An Korean: 도마), was a Korean-independence activist,[1][2][3] nationalist,[4][5] and pan-Asianist.[6][7] He is famous for assassination of Itō Hirobumi, the first Prime Minister of Japan.

On 26 October 1909, he assassinated Prince Itō Hirobumi, a four-time Prime Minister of Japan, former Resident-General of Korea, and then President of the Privy Council of Japan, following the signing of the Eulsa Treaty, with Korea on the verge of annexation by Japan.[8] He was imprisoned and later executed by Japanese authorities on 26 March 1910. An was posthumously awarded the Order of Merit for National Foundation in 1962 by the South Korean government, the most prestigious civil decoration in the Republic of Korea, for his efforts for Korean independence